The Masked Otter

The idea for this Tweetplay came via another suggestion from the delightfully silly @plaidgirl, who wanted a story about otters.

Tonight’s Tweetplay: A ragtag group of misfits escape almost certain doom to embark on a journey to find a new home. Guided by a fearless leader, they travel the country – seeing strange sights, and meeting new friends along the way.


Once upon a time, there was a beautiful place called “Paradise Pond.”

Lots of animals lived there, in perfect harmony with one another.

One day, however, a frightened little kitten came running into the glade with terrible news

“Help!” she meowed, “A terrible thing has happened! The people are building a bad place!”

The other animals gathered. “What is it?” they asked. “A medical research facility!” she wailed .

A magnificent otter strode forward, “I shall go and take a look.” he said.

He did not like what he saw.

And grew frightened, even though he would never show his fear.

He knew something had to be done, and quickly. He called a meeting of all the animals.

He got straight to the point. “Friends,” he said,”We must leave the Pond. It is no longer safe.”

There was much panic and confusion. Mr. Sprinkles was not amused.

Mr. Monkey was furious, “My friends,” he shouted, “We must fight this development!”

“That wouldn’t be wise,” said Mr. Owl, “the people are an angry lot.”

“I say we attack the lab,” said Mr. Army Squirrel, “and blow it up!”

“We agree,” said the Jedi Squirrels, “We shall use the force to defeat them!”

“I can sneak in and sabotage the lab…” offered Mr. Spy Squirrel.

“Please,” shouted Mr. Otter, “all this shouting will not do any good!”

“I have a plan.”

He stood before them, magnificent in the sunlight. “We must leave, and leave now,” he said.

“I have heard of a place, a place where we can live without fear of the people,” he continued.

“The journey will be difficult, but the reward great: a safe future, in a safe new home.”

“Please, my friends. Come with me. I promise you I will lead you with honour and humility.”

The other animals cheered the brave otter!

And agreed to follow his lead.

So they all piled into the car, and set off on the greatest journey of their live.

At first, the traffic was awful .

But eventually, the road opened up before them.

Before too long, they reached a sparkling city…

…and decided to stop and take a look around.

A hedgehog greeted them.

“Welcome to Vegas!” he shouted. “How can I help you?”

“We’re looking for a new home,” Mr. Otter said. “Perhaps you could help us?”

“I can help you with some food,” said a nearby mouse. “Would you like a cookie?”

“Don’t be a fool,” said another mouse, who obviously didn’t want to share, “Give it to me!”

The otter glared.

“Thanks for YOUR help, little mouse, but your friend could use some manners.”

“Hmph,” snorted the fat mouse, “Bet you want money, too?”

“And he shall have it!” said the hedgehog. “Take this and go south. A magical city awaits you.”

The otter thanked him graciously, and returned to the car and the lonesome highway heading south.

Before too long, they spotted the magical city the hedgehog had spoken of.

They stopped at a hotel to rest, but it was a little creepy and frightened the children.

The baby Aye-Aye was particularly scared .

A rather muscular squirrel met them, and asked what they wanted. He seemed… angry.

The otter stared the burly squirrel down and repeated the tale of their quest.

“New ‘ome, you say,” said another squirrel, “You’ll not find it ‘ere. This place be cursed.”

“C… cursed,” asked a baby dachshund, “What do you m… mean, cursed?”

“Aye” said the squirrel, “There be naught but dashed dreams in this town”

“You should go east.”

“Thanks for the warning, friend.” said the otter. “I guess we go east. Back in the car, all!”

Once again, the ragtag band returned to the highway. They drove for a very long time

They drove through a huge city filled with people.

Then another.

Only the water in this one didn’t look very good.

“When are we going to stop?” wailed the baby dachshund, “We’ve been driving for this many hours!”

“This looks like a nice town,” said the otter.

“Let’s ask around here.”

As luck would have it, there was a film festival going on, and lots of folk were about.

A kindly three toed tree sloth greeted them warmly. “Welcome to Champaign–Urbana!” he beamed.

“Hello,” said the otter. “We’ve travelled many miles looking for a safe home. Can you help us?”

“Sure can!” he smiled, “You’re only a few minutes away from a lovely spot.”

“Oh, yes!” said the sloth’s wife, pointing east. “Just go down that road right there!”

So one last time, the animals all got into the car for one last ride. It was a lovely drive.

What they found at the end of the road was nothing short of heaven.

Mr. Otter had kept his word. He had safely guided them home. He was hailed as a hero!

All the animals settled in to their new lives. The Aye-Aye, once timid, wandered freely.

Before too long, the sound of children’s voices were heard once again.

Mr. Otter even found a place for himself!

A perfect stream to relax in.

And even take a snooze, provided no one was looking.

The other animals honored Mr. Otter with a statue celebrating his magnificent leadership.

And, to this very day, animal children look upon him with love in their hearts.

Because, thanks to him, they all lived happily ever after .