The Loneliness

Call it a rough week, but when no suggestions came in for this week’s Tweetplay, I set about trying to purge a little existential angst, and took a darker and more depressing path. ┬áThis story is a meditation on life, love, loneliness and meaning.


By all appearances, he’d had a really great life. He had wealth:

He had a beautiful home:

A wife that he loved dearly, and who loved him in return:

He was even well respected by his peers:

Nevertheless, there were times when the loneliness overwhelmed him:

He began to look more closely at the world around him, and what saw filled him with sorrow:

War. Where the young traded their lives for an angry master in a blind quest for temporary power:

Hunger. Where children wept as their brothers and sisters slowly died:

Hate. Where the insensitive and ignorant unleash their fury on the defenseless:

A society that boasted of it’s faith and charity, while demonstrating neither:

And governments that placed the profits of the rich, over the very gift of life itself:

Nature itself:

Forsaken for profit:

The problems were obvious, but the world seemed unwilling to address them:

No leaders would lead. No religion brought peace. No school taught solutions. Nothing was done:

No one even knew where to begin, so hope was passed to the next generation, and the next…:

We gave them fragile promises we never intended to keep:

And set them down the darkest of paths with little guidance or light:

To a destination known, but not acknowledged:

Where at the end of the road, they find themselves waiting, silent in the loneliness:

And the journey begins again.