The Doorframe of Insanity

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Once upon a time, there lived a lonely king.

Though he had money and power, he had no one to share it with.

Because of this, he was often in tears.

“I need to find a queen!” he cried.

Mr. Sprinkles was not amused.

“You don’t need a queen, you have me,” he said.

The king was about to reply, but then a painting caught his eye.

“Who is that beautiful woman?” he cried. “She would make an excellent queen.”

“Why, she is the daughter of your mother’s cousin’s son’s teacher’s high school English teacher.”

“I must bring her to my castle,” the king said. “Call for my lightsabering squirrels!”

Of course, Mr. Sprinkles was not amused.

But he merely bowed to the king and said, “Of course, sire.”

While he waited for the squirrels to arrive, the king changed into his best outfit.

Little did he know that Mr. Sprinkles had betrayed him!

Instead of going to the squirrels, he went to the king’s brother, The Big Bass.

“It’s the king,” Mr. Sprinkles said. “He wishes to marry!”

“If he marries, I will be cast out on the street!”

“Please, you must help me!”

The Big Bass thought for a minute. Then, he said, “There is only one thing to do.”

“You must go through the door frame of insanity, and bring back the one person who can change the king’s mind.”

“Ooooh. I thought you were going to say HIM.”

“He’s just an idiot, not insane. Now then, I’ll have the Masked Otter go with you.”

“He can protect you from harm.”

And with that, Mr. Sprinkles and the Masked Otter went to find the door frame of insanity.

Meanwhile, the king wondered what had happened to the squirrels.

Little did he suspect what Mr. Sprinkles was up to.

Meanwhile, Mr. Sprinkles and the Masked Otter had reached their destination.

Going through the door frame, they were attacked by an angry-looking baby.

“Quick” said the Masked Otter, “get behind me!”

“I know how to deal with angry babies!”

Once the baby was defeated, they headed for the castle in the distance.

A chimpanzee with a gun answered the door.

“I know why you’re here,” the chimp said. “Follow me.”

He led them into a large room.

“Good evening, gentlemen,” said a voice. “I believe you are looking for me.”

“But I cannot help you. The Big Bass lied to you.”

After a long intermission, Part 2 of “The Doorframe of Insanity.”

“No one can change the king’s mind, except for the king.”

Mr. Sprinkles was not amused.

Neither was the Masked Otter.

He went to attack the man, but a voice stopped him.

“I am afraid that he spoke the truth,” The Big Bass said.

“Then why did you tell me to find this man?” Mr. Sprinkles exclaimed. “Because, I also am insane.”

“As is the king.”

Mr. Sprinkles smiled. “You are right,” he said. “I cannot change the king’s mind.”

“But I CAN stop the king.”

Everyone stared at him. Even the chimpanzee.

“But how?” they asked him.

Mr. Sprinkles smiled. “By stepping back through the door frame of insanity.”

“And the only way to get there, is through KNOWLEDGE…”


…and THE TRUTH.”

And with that, Mr. Sprinkles went back through the door frame of insanity, leaving all craziness behind.

Only now, it looked much different.

And as he went to confront the king, Mr. Sprinkles was, for once, amused.