The Amoeba Complex

This week’s Tweetplay was an experiment in collaborative storytelling, where I rounded up a few followers and suggested that we each try to tell one part of a Sci-Fi story using three tweets (with pictures), before handing off to the next author. ┬áIt was chaotic, confusing, but ultimately, a huge pile of fun.

The authors, in order of appearance, are:

  • @plaidgirl
  • @litdreamer
  • @BlueSky107
  • @tinaconroy
  • @edgarhopper
  • and myself, trying to tie the whole thing together


20 minutes into the future our guide tells you about love, guns and rampant product placement.

Our hero is a mild-mannered cabbie named Jeff

He had an odd fare that night. A tattooed man who wanted to see the local swamp.

But this man had an enemy! A very strangely dressed Scottish Robot man was out to get him.

The Scottish Robot Man lived in a castle far above the city.

Where he controlled an army of squirrels that had gone to the dark side.

He feared the tattooed man because this man knew the secret to destroying his army of squirrels.

The tatooed man had underneath his tatoo, amoeba which have morphed & to this date have no known chemical to kill them.

The Scottish kilt wearer has an army of hamster rangers trained 2 rescue surrounded squirrels.

These amoeba were invented by the fiendish Dr. Von Catsup:

He is well known to Baron Frankenstein

The amoebas struggled to develop into more avanced beings,subscribing to the Onion and everything!

In order to take over the world, but they failed utterly to evolve past any stage worth fearing.

Aeons ahead:and the failed amoebas played in this guy’s head as he went for the kill.

In spite of the imminent danger he couldn’t stop thinking of the amoebas origin. The petri dish in the sky!

Originally occupied by paramecium and amoeba. War of the one celled ensued and the amoeba won but not w/o chaos.

Evolution over millennia resulted in the failed amoebas (Monkees) evolving into man, but they maintained a permanent residence in his head!

Driving the kilted robot completely and utterly insane.

Strange images filled his head. Certain things just didn’t look right.

Dr. Sprinkles von Catsup was not amused.

He immediately ordered his best hit-man to eliminate the crazed kilted robot.

But it was too late. The amoebas had mutated insane kilted robot, making him invulnerable

Enraged, he went after the mad Dr. von Catsup, and the story took a turn for the worse.

Jeff the Space Cabby went home troubled. That night, he cuddled his favorite friend.