Literary Time Out

This Tweetplay is named for dedicated to my friend @litdreamer who, as he was on vacation, really had no defense ;-)


It’d been a long tough year, but at last the Literary Dreamer was going to get a vacation!

So he packed his favorite bag…

…and made his preparations for the flight.

Upon arrival at the airport, however, he ran afoul of an overzealous TSA agent.

He tried to reasoning with the man, but it was no use. The gloves, as they say, went on.

After finally making it through security, he rushed to gate to find his flight would be delayed.

Very delayed.

After what seemed like an eternity…

…they were finally allowed to board the plane.

One look at his seat-mate, however, and he knew this was going to be a very long flight.

Nevertheless, the flight passed with only one “minor” incident.

Having been looking forward to sunny shores, he was disappointed with the sight that greeted him.

Nevertheless, his family greeted him with open arms. Mr. Sprinkles, however, seemed unimpressed.

They even took him out to his favorite restaurant for a quick bite to eat.

All went well for a few days, but t wasn’t long before storm clouds appeared upon the horizon.

Having little to do because of the snow, the Literary Dreamer grew bored and began to misbehave.

At first, his pranks were amusing, and the rest of the family laughed. Costume Day was a big hit.

But his novel presentation of the solution to the family’s game of “Clue” raised a few eyebrows.

And what he did to the family dog put the poor beast in a confused funk for an entire day.

Lines began to be drawn when he insisted on listening to his favorite music at top volume.

And dad refused to sit in the same room while the Literary Dreamer watched his favorite show.

The girls grew increasingly disturbed at the way he kept leaving their dolls in suggestive poses.

The final line was crossed, however, when mom caught him playing dangerous games on the Internet.

“You’re supposed to be a pacifist!” she cried. “That’s it mister…

So there he sat, pouting as his mom booked his return flight home on the first airline she found.

The flight home was as awful. The pilot looked barely old enough to walk, let alone fly.

And the flight crew was comical enough to be the subject of an educational movie.

But at last the plane landed, and the Literary Dreamer emerged into beautiful, but alien land.

A voice behind him whispered, “Well, look what we have here! Your mom told me you were coming!”

The Literary Dreamer’s hair stood on end. His NEMESIS! HERE! He knew what would happen next.

Mr. Sprinkles smiled as he imagined the scene…

…”At last,” he thought, “The education begins…”