Follow Friday

Those of you already familiar with Twitter may recognize the intent of this story by it’s title alone.  For those of you not using Twitter, “Follow Friday” is a meme in which a person can recommend people they may have found that are particularly entertaining, enlightening, or just good conversationalists.  This is my list:

Alabama newshound @GaryBlackmon was the first to stumble on the story.

Which was spotted and re-tweeted by @AIHLIMF. All the good Hollywood screenwriters were gone!

The police were stymied so @Bluesky107 summoned the only man she knew could help.

Literary Secret Agent, raconteur extraordinaire, and man about town @TomDark9

Acutely aware of the horrors that would come Agent Dark leapt into action.

He immediately assembled his team of crack cinematic detectives.

First up was @ScottFilmCritic, an Englishman know for his sharp wit and computer expertise.

Next came @flipcritic, an Internet specialist with a passion for animation and intrigue.

Then there was @waelkhairy88 who breathed film history like most breathe oxygen.

Science specialist @kaist455 was recruited for his sharp insights and no-nonsense manner.

Master of media @gevalero was brought on board to assist with the analysis of the video logs.

Every crime busting crew needs a man of action, and @aliarikan was no Mister Softy.

Criminals lack ethics, but Tom’s crew had @mozaffar to always remind them of the right things to do.

Finally, the poetic soul of the group, @etherielmusings the beauty that keeps the beasts at bay.

Tom knew the only logical place to begin was Chicago, home to the master of movies @ebertchicago.

Roger mentioned that a man calling himself @ferox had been lurking around the set of his new show.

And asking @SunsetGunShots and @christylemire  a lot of questions.

When the group arrived, however, they found @popcornreel chatting with @ferox, like an old friend.

They were discussing their love of Hitchcock’s women, particularly the mysterious @carlotta_valdes.

Realizing the leads were slim, the group headed to Hollywood, city of dreams and delusions.

At a food van selling cupcakes, the owner @EBarkenbush told them a crew was shooting on Stage 5.

The crew was filming the web series @theguild it looked to be very funny.

One of the stars was @wilw who was busy with his journal, but told them a writer was on the set.

This was @feliciaday who said she had been so busy with her show she missed the disappearances.

She suggested the check in with @NathanFillion who also had an interest in detective work.

Nathan mentioned he’d heard rumors of strange goings on in a club in Seattle. Our crew headed north.

They were met by @tuned2chords who was shocked at the news. “Who would do this!” she exclaimed.

“WHERE ARE MY M&M’s!” bellowed the hot, godlike rock star @mariannesp “And WHO are YOU?”

Tom turned on the charm. “We’re investigators, darlin’, looking for some missing screenwriters.”

She blushed, “Why, aren’t you the sweetest thing? The best writer I know of is @sheilakathleen”

Scott broke out his laptop and, using the latest hacking tools, got Sheila into a video chat.

Sheila said that man calling himself @litdreamer had invited her and others to a meeting in New York.

“I know this name,” said Tom. “He contacted me as well. Do you know what he looked like?”

“I know an artist, @thechimera,” she said, “She could draw you a sketch of what he looks like.”

“Come on, team!” shouted Tom, “We’re headed to New York City! I’ve got a man on the ground there.”

They were met at the airport by @flickpmonster who filled them in on the details.

It seemed that the  had rounded up Hollywood’s best for a writer’s conference.

The conference was so dull that all of the writers grew fantastically bored and fell asleep.

Once they were asleep, a group of book thugs broke in and kidnapped everyone!

Only a plucky lass calling herself @PlaidGirl, managed to escape, and witnessed the getaway!

She told our heroes that the leader of the group was extremely short, yet highly intelligent.

She’d overheard him say that they were taking the writer’s to Washington DC  for “re-education.”

Tom knew that the writer’s minds would never survive such torture. He summoned the big guns.

It was over quickly, and painfully. Mr. Sprinkles, far from amused, sent in his toughest troops.

The writers were rescued, Hollywood was saved and there was much rejoicing.

A grateful @missbanshee freed from a life of reviewing reality TV, swooned onto her fainting couch.

Over at @momapop @sweetney presented Tom with the Sparklecorn Medal of Honor.

Hollywood producers commissioned a portrait of Tom to be painted by @tinaconroy.

And in New York City, the Honorable Deacon @edgarhopper presided over a special prayer of thanks.

The world was once again a better place to live.