Canine Crime-Busters

Crime. Everybody hates it, but only a brave few actually have the inner strength to stand up for what’s right. This is the story of one dog and his elite team of “Canine Crime-Busters.”

Roscoe was the first victim. Held up at gunpoint as he came out of the dog park.

But the criminals grew bolder. Little Frisky was held up in his very own home!

It wasn’t too long before a line was crossed, and Lieutenant Banjo was summoned to the scene –

A crowd had gathered, and the little ones were nervously asking if it was still safe to play.

As he cased the scene, Banjo spotted a shady character lurking at the fringes of the crowd.

He approached the thug carefully, cornering him before he could disappear into the crowd.

“What’re you doing here punk?” he demanded, “Come to gloat at your dirty work?”

“You got nothing on me, copper,” the thug replied, “I didn’t do anything. But I know who did.”

“Oh really?” said Banjo, “so how ’bout you spill before I start violating your civil rights?”

The punk grinned, “Boss Fluffy says to say ‘Hi.'” Banjo suddenly grew very frightened.

A hush fell over the crowd. “Fluffy!” someone whispered, “He’s back!”. One gentleman fainted.

Fluffy. The most legendary evil ever to stalk the Earth. Doom was sure to follow.

Banjo ran back to the station and immediately assembled his best team.

Research specialist Dr. Westie examined the case logs for evidence of Fluffy’s whereabouts.

Martial arts expert Maximillian Shaw began to limber up.

Surveillance expert Dexter McGillicuddy polished his camera lenses.

Baxter Damascus donned his most secure armor.

And Boxer Joe put on his most effective disguise.

At last, research assistant Mini-Mehuahua brought the news that Fluffy’s lair had been found!

One of the patrols had spotted Fluffy’s money runner near a warehouse at the docks.

Buster listened intently to the news, then went to the Chief with a plan.

Upon hearing of this, Police Chief Mr. Sprinkles was not amused. “Sounds risky,” he said.

Banjo stood at attention. “I realize that, sir,” he said, “But it’s the only chance we have.”

“Very well,” said Mr. Sprinkles. “But be very careful. We can’t afford to lose this guy.”

“Will do, boss!” said Banjo,”Come on, team! Let’s move out!”

When they reached the warehouse, it appeared to be completely empty.

But then a van drove up, with a tough looking customer at the wheel.

Banjo crept up carefully, making sure he wouldn’t be spotted.

Sure enough. There were three guards at the door. Banjo noticed they seemed a little slow.

“Squirrel!” Banjo shouted, then smiled to himself as they ran off in different directions.

The team moved inside, where Maximillian made short work of the first guard.

The next guard led with his left, so Baxter went for the low blow. It wasn’t pretty.

The next guard was easily duped by Boxer Joe’s clever disguise, and quietly put away.

The last, and most ferocious, was left for Banjo to deal with. It was over in a minute.

At last they reached the Inner Sanctum of Evil. Where Fluffy awaited.

“So,” the monster growled, “If it isn’t my old nemesis, Detective Banjo.”

“It’s Lieutenant Banjo now, goon! I got promoted for busting your ass the last time, remember?

“Well then,” said Fluffy, “Let’s see if you have the stones to earn another stripe!”

Banjo leapt into action! The battle was epic, but in the end Banjo was victorious once again!

The people were thrilled with Banjo’s victory! Jumping for joy and singing his praises!

All that remained of Fluffy’s evil reign of terror was swept away like yesterday’s garbage.

Safe once again, children returned to the streets, to play and have fun in the sun.

The news reports extolled Banjo’s bravery, calling him a true hero for the ages.

And later that night, the town slept safe in the knowledge that they were being watched over.

And Banjo? Well, he went home to receive a special award, from the one he loved the most.