First Post

Welcome to my little corner of the web. FAC8SGAPHFB5

While I’ve been a geek now for over twenty years, I had avoided establishing an online presence as I initially saw it as taking on a completely unnecessary extra burden.  After all, if you spend all day staring at a computer monitor rearranging bits and bytes into coherence, why the hell would you want to do the same when you got home?  And for free?

As time has gone by, though, my need to write has begun to overwhelm my reservations, and recent professional circumstances have placed me in a position where I am being encouraged to write more.  So here we are.

This site will be, above all, a personal blog.  I’ll be writing about whatever interest me at a given moment, which means a wide range of topics will be explored.  Deep thoughts, social commentary, essays about movie and books, personal exploration, geek notes and analysis, and the occasional “writing experiment”.  While I like to consider myself a fair commentator, I do have strong opinions and a flair for what one of my professors once called “linguistic ornamentation.”  Translation: the language here will not always suitable for children.

My initial intent is to post at least once a week at a minimum, and I’m shooting for roughly 1000 words per essay.  As the site is brand new, I’ll be leaving the commentary queues open and feedback is appreciated, even if it consist of a litany of “UR teh suXors!”.  I’ve established many internet presences over the years, so I’ve also made it easy to find me on some of the other sites and services I lurk around.  Anything posted here will be announced on multiple other social sites, so that readers may follow in their own preferred way.  I’ll try my very best to respond to every direct message received, as long as time and tide allows.

One last thing, though: Comments should be civil.  Spammers and outright jackassess will be smote with the ban-hammer, which has a physical counterpart named “Roger”.