Still Looking for “My Movie”

[Before I go to far, let me encourage you to read two remarkable essays describing the event I’m about to discuss. Over at “The Cooler” you’ll find a surprisingly moving account by Jason Bellamy here; and the ever wonderful Sheila O’Malley’s (of The Sheila Variations) companion piece here.  Go on, I’ll wait…]

A while back, a group of my favorite film bloggers met up at a party, and, as they stood in a small circle basking in the warm glow of a love equally shared, a magical thing happened.  Stephen Boone, a blogger for Capital New York, quietly posed a question that crystallized a moment in time, and focused the minds of his companions as sharply as etched and frozen glass:

“I want to know, from all of you, what movie …” he put his hand over his heart. “is your heart.” Read the rest of this entry »